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Outsider, embedded.

A memoir of my relationship to hip-hop. A sketchpad-in-progress, in no particular order.

by Andrew Gura

Thelma and Cliff, Inglewood / Double K Mixtape / 85 Live at Tony’s, Hermosa Beach / Rob Harris and Danny Lococo

Run-DMC Raising Hell / KDAY / Steve Yano & Roadium Records / Eric Wright / R-9: The Bridge from Detroit to Compton (or how I met DJ Speed) / Jack-n-tha-Roxx / Rafael / NWA / Mikey T & LA Sound Control / Jive 122

Daphne / In Living Color / Battlecat & Julio G, Fever Records

Grand Royal Records / Working Class Productions / B+ / The Record Fair / Digging in NYC / Saul Williams w/ Divine Styler, Orko and Wood Harris Purple Pigeons session (unreleased) / Tokyo I / Blood of Abraham

DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist Brainfreeze + Product Placement / SoleSides / Quannum / Tokyo II / Saul Williams Bloodletting (unreleased) 

Stones Throw / Dudley Perkins Money / Charizma + Peanut Butter Wolf Red Light, Green Light / Visionaries If You Can’t Say Love / ontheDL feat.Questlove & King Britt / Oxnard

Saul Williams Black Stacey (YT) Quasimoto Rappcats Pt. 3 J Dilla Donuts / Junk Science Roads & Fire Drill /

Madvillain Accordion Nas U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim) & These Are Our Heroes / Untitled Biz Markie Pilot (unreleased) /

Cut Chemist feat. Hymnal What’s the Altitude (HD version/ Mr. Lif Brothaz / Kelly Rowland feat. Snoop Ghetto / Cool Kids 88 (unreleased)

Def Jam Rapstar feat. Redman & Methodman / Just Blaze /

Wyclef Jean Sweetest Girl (feat. Akon & Lil Wayne)& Fast Car (feat. Paul Simon) 

MF Doom for Frank 151